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The Green solution. 

We can assist you to become a green company.

Reduce energy consumption/demand and save money! 

This will also add to your company's GREEN SCORE! 

We will do a complete audit on your electricity consumption, calculate and provide you with your carbon footprint count .ie How many tons of carbon your footprint has on the planet. We will assist you in getting your company a 40% rebate from Eskom in 30 days!  


What does this entail?

Step One. Lighting

First we will do an Audit on your lighting. We will work out what your old technologies use in Kilowatts, then we will work out the Kilowatts using our new technology lighting system.

The beauty of this is the fact that we have retro fitting lighting so in most cases the installation costs are kept to a minimum.

We provide you with numbers of your savings, your payback period, ROI, Return on investment. And we calculate your rebate.  Furthermore we will calculate the impact your company savings have on the planet and provide you with a figure that you can publish on your website or on the stock exchange.

Once this is done we get Eskom in to do a inspection  of the site, verify that you are using old technologies, and to agree with our figures regarding your savings and your rebate.

One this is done and Eskom have signed it off we proceed with the installation. On completion Eskom once again inspect the site to acknowledge the  work has been done.

Eskom will now sign off the completion and with in thirty days your rebate is paid into your company account. This transaction is paid to you direct from Eskom.

Step Two Power Guard. Power Demand.

First we ask you for at least six months electricity bills. We peruse your account and decide if we can assist in reducing your demand or not.

Should we be able to lower your demand we will do a measurement and recording of your electrical consumption and demand, to ascertain where you use peak KWH or maximum demand.

We will then estimate your saving, quote your company, and propose a direct purchase or rental option. Furthermore we will provide you with the time your savings will pay back your return on investment.

Rental Option.

Some companies do not have the cash flow to invest immediately.  In most cases we try and work to a time frame of payback to be between Nine and eleven months, for outright purchase however many companies still don’t have the cash flow, and have not got the money set aside in a budget. They would however like to start saving money and lower the carbon footprint immediately. We offer a rental contract. Very much the same as a cell phone contract whereby a fixed amount of money is charged over a three year period. Depending on cost of installation determined upon site inspection a small deposit is paid the contract is signed and customers realise and immediate savings.


Generators. Diesel, HFO, (Heavy Fuel Oil) Gas Turbines, DC

Please see info on all our generators and links.

The Generators we supply are in accordance with the latest international standards for EMISSIONS.

TAL = TECHNISCHE ANLEITUNG LUFT  (TA-Luft) 1986 (German air quality directive).

Either 2g/nm3 or 4g/nm3 NOx  compliant.

EPA T = U.S.EPA Tier compliance.

EU S = European Stage compliance.

In our mission to be a supplier of as green a product as possible we refuse to sell any diesel engines that do not comply with the above standards. We remain competitive however some of the global suppliers have no regard for the environment and therefore can supply products at very low prices. We do not compete in this market, so for a greener, quality product we are generally slightly more expensive.


U.P.S. Systems.

Please see our brands of quality U.P.S. Systems.

Electrical Installations.

With our own Electrical engineers, Our global partners, and quality brands of products , we provide turn key solutions, supplied and installed and are in a position to offer huge project fiancé. 


Consulting Service.

Talk to us regarding your electrical needs. We will visit, your site, inspect your premises, We will endeavour to understand your business  and advise you on the best solution for you.

E-mail us on 

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