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Solar Inverters and Inverters 

Single Phase back up inverters with solar and generator capability's as standard!

2kva, 3kva and 5kva UNITS for Domestic application and small office Auto transfer switch included.

All units come with 2-3 hour back up system load dependent, consisting of 105 Amp hour FNB Batteries.

5 kva unit = 12 x 105 AH batteries

3 kva unit = 8 x 105 AH batteries

2 kva unit = 6 x 105 AH batteries


Industrial application Solar Inverters 1 kva to 1.8MW.

All units come standard with PV monitoring.



Auto Inverter



Manual inverter



  • High short term overload capability, 1min  @ 150%, 10 min @ 125% and 110% @ 110%.  This makes the inverter ideal for domestic and small business applications where the loads are highly varying.  With low quality inverters, the overload capability is severely limited, which means you often have to buy a inverter with a higher power rating just to handle to overload.  For example, our 5kVA inverter can do 7.5kVA for 1 minute and if you have to compare that with a low cost inverter with no overload, you have to compare it with a 7.5kVA inverter.


  • Islanding mode operation, which means the inverter can operate from PV even if the grid is not present.  This is a huge plus in the current environment where load shedding is at the order of the day.  However, to work reliably, the system must incorporate batteries to ensure that the load demand can be met at all times.  What I mean with this is that if there is suddenly cloud cover while the inverter is operating from PV panels only (no grid),  the power output of the inverter shall drop suddenly due to the shading on the panels and if there are no batteries to supplement the power, the load shall be dropped.


  • Local back-up and repair.  Our inverter has been design to allow local repair of all parts, including the printed circuit boards.  Quite often imported inverters cannot be repaired and failed sub-assemblies have to be replaced completely with new, imported sub-assemblies, often at prices close to the selling price of the original product.  Our inverter is supported by a repair exchange agreement, including all printed circuit boards.


  • Modular assembly.  Our inverter is based on a modular design, which means many of the sub-assemblies are used for the complete range of products.  For example, all our inverters use the same control logic card.  This allows us to produce our inverter and spare parts locally at competitive prices.


  • Harsh environment operation.  Imported inverters are design for operation with well regulated grids, which not the case in developing countries, where the grid voltage amplitude and frequency can vary much more than in developed countries.  As a result, these imported inverters struggle to cope with the grid conditions in developing countries.  Our inverter has been designed to operate with highly varying grid conditions without disconnecting from the grid.  Our inverter is also designed to operate under high ambient temperature conditions.


  • Closed loop maximum power point tracking.  Most, if not all inverters on the market today make use of open loop maximum power point tracking.  This means that the inverter estimates the actual maximum power point of the inverter without actually knowing it is the maximum power point.  To ensure that our inverter is operating at the maximum power output of the PV panels, we connect our inverter to a solar irradiance meter and track the sun power at all times, thus ensuring that we get the maximum performance from the PV panels.


  • Output isolation transformers.  Many imported inverters today are so-called “transformerless” designs, which has been done to reduce the cost of the inverter.  However, this practice has come under more and more scrutiny, and in some countries non-isolated or transformerless inverter designs are prohibited.



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NEW!! Solar Inverters & Inverters | Waste 2 Diesel

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